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International Women's Day: Veolia is involved in the "Girls on the Move Week"

To mark International Women's Day, Veolia is taking part in the third edition of the Girls on the Move Week (4 to 10 March). All week and all around the world, "sponsors" – Veolia’s women engineers and technicians – have been presenting their technical and scientific jobs to young women aged 14 to 24.


As part of its gender equality policy, Veolia partners the "Elles Bougent" association, which encourages women to become technicians, engineers and scientists. Throughout the week, "sponsors" – Veolia’s women engineers and technicians – have been presenting their jobs to female high school and university students aged 14 to 24. On the agenda: round tables, conferences, practical workshops, meetings and site visits.

In order to achieve better gender balance in high-tech jobs, the Group is committed to creating the right conditions in terms of attractiveness, career changes and working environment that allow women to integrate and grow in the Group. In addition to Veolia's focus on women and training, the company has developed the WIL - Women in Leadership - coaching program, which aims to create opportunities for women managers to move forward. WIL has already worked with over 150 women and is expanding across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East - and will soon be in Latin America too. Actions to encourage gender diversity and equality within the Group are a source of social progress and cohesion for everyone.
Jean-Marie Lambert
Group Senior Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Strong participation in Veolia’s "Girls on the Move Week" 2019:

Over 1,800 high school and university students in 18 countries met with Veolia's sponsors this week - almost double the number during the 2018 session which involved 1,000 students in 10 countries:



> Argentina: 500 girls from Luis A. Huergo High School in Buenos Aires met with 4 women engineers.

> Brazil: 30 students visited a Veolia industrial site in Sao Paulo.

> Mexico: 100 students from the polytechnic and technological institutes in Mexico City, Monterrey and Aguascalientes visited Veolia sites.



> Canada: students visited the St-Hyacinthe plant and the Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal. At the École Polytechnique de Montréal, Nathalie Viens, Senior Vice President Operations Canada East Veolia, talked about jobs in chemistry.



> China: 300 technical students in several cities talked about career and diversity: 30 students from Hubei University of Arts and Sciences, 40 from Qilu University of Technology, 50 from Harbin Electricity Technology College, 80 from Nankai University, 40 from Chongqing Chemical Industry College development of technical careers and 30 from Tangshan Chemical Engineering College.

> India: 60 students from Uka Tarsadia Maliba University, 30 from Sir PT Sarvajanik College of Science, and 40 from Indira Gandhi Delhi Women's Technical University met.

> Japan: 20 students from Ochanomizu University in Tokyo discussed careers as engineers.



> Niger: in Zinder, 50 students from the vocational training and apprenticeship centre and 5 other institutes visited the Société d'Exploitation des Eaux du Niger (SEEN) and the Aroungouza and Ganaram sites.

> United Arab Emirates: on the Vebes site in Abu Dhabi, 20 students discussed women's careers. In AJMAN, 20 students from the Dubai Scholars International School discovered the Tour wastewater treatment plant. In OMAN, 30 of the Al-Khansaa girls' high school students visited the Sur water desalination plant.



> Germany: 50 girls from schools in Hamburg, Dresden and Herford participated in a waste sorting game.

> Hungary: 30 students visited the biomass plant in Pécs, 37 others the sewage treatment plant north of Budapest, and 6 met women engineers in Szeged.

> Romania: 50 Veolia employees in Bucharest organized a round table on "men’s" jobs.

> United Kingdom: 24 girls from Fazakerley High School in Liverpool, and 20 from the West Midlands discovered careers in STEM (Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology).

> France: 25 students visited the Saint Laurent Blangy wastewater treatment plant (Pas-de-Calais), 47 the Montpellier wastewater treatment plant, 150 MUCEM in Marseille, and 120 various sites in Nantes, Colombelles, Toulouse and Bordeaux.