Veolia presents its digital solutions at VivaTech

For its second time at VivaTech, the world’s rendezvous for start-ups and digital innovation, Veolia presented its digital solutions – connected technologies and new digital services – to help cities and industry undergoing the process of transformation. These solutions fall into three areas of innovation - Connected technologies, Smart city and Smart citizens.


Connected technologies  

The Internet of Things is freshening up and increasing the urban services offer. A few examples of the solutions developed by Veolia in this area:

  • Birdz, a Nova Veolia subsidiary specialising in the design and management of connected objects, has already rolled out six million smart objects including smart water meters that warn consumers if a leak occurs or if there is the risk of frozen pipes.
  • Fluks Aqua, the data management specialists, use performance indicators to monitor water quality, detect leaks and maximize network performance. ​
  • Veolia Water Technologies has developed the digital Aquavista platform which monitors industrial facilities in real time and optimizes their efficiency.

Smart city

Each city has its unique features and expectations - water and air quality, transparent urban services and even social inclusion. Veolia offers a range of solutions in this area:

  • Urban Board, a smart city dashboard created by Veolia for elected officials and local government, enables urban service performance and residents’ perceptions about transport, safety, cleanliness and the environment to be monitored.
  • Majikan, a Nova Veolia subsidiary, has created a management platform to coordinate field services (building work, cleanliness, green spaces).
  • Abylon, a Veolia subsidiary delivering digital transformation consultancy services, helps local governments develop their smart city strategy.
  • ​Veolia’s 360' hypervision for water  and waste recycling and recovery digital projects were also showcased on Veolia’s stand at VivaTech. 
  • VERBATIM, the urban biodiversity monitoring system developed by Veolia’s 2EI subsidiary, provides information about the ecosystem for which local government or industry is responsible. It measures the impact of a development, or the effectiveness of an environmental strategy option or a process (public street lighting, wind farm etc).​


Smart citizens

Smart cities help their residents to become smart citizens. Veolia supports them in this quest by providing a range of solutions:

  • Urban Pulse provides residents and tourists with comprehensive real-time information about transport, air quality and events, and can flag up incidents in the city.
  • ​​Yoyo and Eco Mairie enable cities to get residents to interact more and encourage circular economy initiatives.
  • HomeFriend, a Nova Veolia subsidiary, enables residents to monitor their actual water use and compare it with that of similar households.  
  • The Veolia Digital Lab, a test bed for new technologies that could benefit the group’s business areas, also took pride of place.


Claire Falzone, the CEO of Nova Veolia, attended the event and explained,

“At VivaTech, Veolia is showcasing all the group’s digital achievements, based on three key messages. Data and connected objects are needed for a town to go digital. The data needs to be analysed and made accessible to citizens. Finally, the process of going digital is meaningless unless it enables the services delivered to citizens to be improved and users to be transformed into smart citizens.”


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