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Eight personalities from backgrounds as different as they are complementary, including Antoine Frérot, can be found in this book.
Very strong rebound in activity and results since the month of June
51 master's students from 23 countries attended the Veolia Summer School from 6 to 9 July. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Veolia decided to continue this 11th edition.
Initiated by Veolia with the support of its Foundation and in collaboration with The Maker Space Foundation, Baobab is inspired by the model of La REcyclerie in Paris and L'Oasis in Niamey (Niger).
Veolia and Francofil are innovating by manufacturing filaments made from recycled polypropylene (PP) and coloured ABS.
a campaign launched by Veolia, in partnership with The New York Times International
"Every year 8 June is a special opportunity to raise global awareness of the benefits that the ocean brings to humanity and our duty to use its resources sustainably"
Celebrated by the UN on June 5, the World Environment Day has chosen “It’s Time for Nature” as its theme in 2020.
On this day, Veolia reminds us that solutions inspired by nature do exist
Solidarity is at the heart of Veolia's values and, in this period of crisis, is more meaningful than ever.
Antoine Frérot points out that in the absence of vaccines or medical treatment for sufferers, water, sanitation and hand hygiene are essential in preventing the spread of COVID-19.
In the present context of the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous questions have arisen about how the virus is transmitted.