The “The path to” exhibition: 3 young designers’ vision of the world in 2040

To mark its Press Day 2018 - dedicated to the challenges the world will face in 2040 - Veolia asked three young designers from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI) - Guillaume André, Quentin Didierjean and Thélonious Goupil - to accompany it during this forward looking exercise.

Four months of collaboration firstly allowed time for in-depth reflection about our lifestyles and our practices in the future before coming up with a personal and realistic vision of water, energy and waste in the city of the future.

This vision is presented in the exhibition "The path to: five windows on 2040", which consists of a series of photographs and objects especially created for the event.

In each of the "windows on 2040", it is important to see the realistic fragments incorporated into the representation of the future. They illustrate the innovations that - according to the trio of designers - could well manifest themselves in our everyday environment in a few decades’ time…

Five windows on 2040

> The street, the urban space
> The "centres" in the city
> New neighbourhoods
> The new frontiers of the city
> Housing, dining