Press Day 2018: Tomorrow’s world is being invented today

Immersed in the world circa 2040, Veolia's sixth Press Day was held on 8 February 2018 at ENSCI, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle.

Understanding tomorrow’s world, grasping the issues, inventing and implementing solutions that will meet the challenges of the future are the missions a leading Group in its sector should be focusing on. This year Veolia therefore decided to look ahead to 2040 and explore three major environmental issues - the increase in the demand for food, the increase in the demand for energy, and combating pollution.

We did not imagine what tomorrow’s world will be like alone. We invited experts, interviewed "citizens of the world" in 28 countries with the assistance of the Institut Elabe, and asked young ENSCI graduates to share their vision of the future with us.
These approaches and these forecasts enabled us to build our own vision of 2040, and so invent tomorrow’s solutions.

Antoine Frérot began by recalling the different stages that in 2017 enabled us to reap the benefits of our strategic plans. Having thus established the fundamentals to provide a solid, robust and firm foundation, we are now in a position to make new conquests and ensure profitable growth for the Veolia Group.