"Social Initiatives 2017": Veolia rewards best practices in the field of Human Resources

Today Veolia is publishing "Social Initiatives 2017: Innovation and Cooperation, driving performance". It brings together 66 initiatives selected from 340 good practices collected from 43 countries. These initiatives fall into five categories: "Occupational Health and Safety", " Talent and Skills Development", "Social Equity and Diversity", "HR, operational performance, and business development", and "Social Commitment".


"These initiatives bear out our intent to develop Veolia’s HR policy as close as possible to our teams’ everyday experience. They demonstrate collective effectiveness and should encourage other entities, or countries to follow suit. These projects are involving contributors not just within the Group, but externally too," explained Jean-Marie Lambert, Veolia's Senior Executive Vice President, Human Resources.


5 categories, 91 social initiatives, 7 awards, 43 countries:

► Occupational Health and Safety:

It is about ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for employees through risk management and compliance with procedures, with one goal: to achieve zero accidents in the workplace. 

The 2017 award was given to Veolia in Equador (Interagua), with the campaign “How do you want to see yourself?” which features a fictional character named Tomas Aguas who educates employees about health and safety. Result: 57% fewer accidents compared to 2015.

Other initiatives: "Mental health, taboo-free" (Australia), "Targeting vaccination" (Peru), "A mobile platform for greater safety at work" (Romania), "How can we prevent addictive behaviors?" (France), “Stay safe on the road!” (Brazil, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Japan).

►Talent and Skills Development: 

In order to encourage professional development, many training programs are deployed to optimize the career management of Veolia employees.

The 2017 award was given to two initiatives: "Exchanges between Asia and Northern Europefrom Campus Veolia, and actions to develop work/study from Veolia in Gabon (SEEG) .



Other initiatives: "Managerial performance: Bursting with ideas!” (China, United States, France, Poland), "Identify skills on the spot!” (France, Mexico), "Fleet Maintenance: building up skills" (United Kingdom), "Team management: hit the training trail" (Spain).


► Social Equity and Diversity : 

Diversity generates innovation and performance. The Group therefore implements a policy aimed at developing equal opportunities, talent recognition and non-discrimination. The WeDo network promotes gender balance and the feminization of professions within Veolia.  

The 2017 award was given to Veolia in the United Kingdom for its partnership with non-profits working with marginalized groups. The goal is to recruit 10% of operators from these communities. A special prize was awarded to the Recycling and Waste Solutions activity in France for its “diversity” network. 


Other initiatives: "Talent is a girl thing” (Germany, Belgium, China, France, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland), "Long-term sick leave: easing the return to work" (Denmark), "A wealth of diversity" (India), "Tailor-made Training" (Oman)," Three priorities on behalf of Indigenous Peoples" (Australia).  


► HR, operational performance, and business development :

Supporting operational performance, the Human Resources policy helps the Group's commercial development.

The 2017 award was given to Veolia in Italy (Siram) for "Innovation Map: from idea to impact", which maps resources and offers an ideas box – a fun digital platform - to prompt commercial innovations. Result: 389 ideas shared and an internal incubator to transform them into projects.

Other initiatives: "Involvement = motivation" (South Korea, France), "Ideas to get ahead" (Armenia), "Artificial intelligence aids recruitment” (United States), "Capturing the Port of Antwerp” (Belgium), "Social security: all covered” (China). 


► Social commitment :

The Human Resources and Operational teams, supported by the Veolia Foundation, have been mobilizing for jobs and the development of social linkages. 

The 2017 award was given to Veolia Water in France for its initiative "Centsept" in Lyon. The incubator supports 8 social entrepreneurs from the Lyon area specializing in integrating people with reduced mobility, or who are isolated or struggling to find employment.

Other initiatives: "Three initiatives for disaster victims" (Ecuador), "Developing the skills to change lifestyles" (Argentina), "Integration hand in hand with training" (India), "Opening up to green energy" (Hungary).