Hong Kong Government Environmental Protection Department, China

Sludge treatment plant in Hong Kong


Hong Kong produces nearly three million cubic metres of effluent per day which is converted into 1 200 tonnes of sewage sludge. This volume will reach 2 000 tonnes per day in 2030. Until 2015, this sludge was either buried or released into the sea.


The customer's objectives

Provide a state-of-the-art, sustainable incineration technology solution to the massive and growing volume of sewage sludge.

• Raise public awareness on the environment.


Veolia's solution

Design, build, and operate the world's largest wastewater treatment plant: T•PARK.



Fluidised bed incinerator technology reduces waste production by 90 % resulting in just 10 % being sent to landfills.

2 000 t/d

Sludge treatment capacity

14 MW

Electricity produced during sludge treatment

600 m3/d

Seawater desalination capacity



 Incineration: sludge inflow, fluidised bed incineration, and steam boilers.

• Treatment of gas emissions: DeNox to control nitrogen oxide emissions, dry reactor to reduce acid gases, multi-cyclone filter and pocket filter.

• Water treatment: Multiflo™, reverse osmosis.

• Wastewater treatment: flocculation, MBBR.

Customer benefits

Energy independence

T•PARK is 100 % energy independent with two 14 MW turbines that operate with steam produced during sludge incineration. When the plant is operating at full capacity, it produces nearly 2 MW of surplus electricity which is injected into the public grid.


Comprehensive water management

T•PARK is 100 % self-sufficient in clean water - supplied by the on-site seawater desalination plant - and process water - rainwater collection and wastewater treatment to achieve ‘zero liquid discharge’.


Waste recovery

T•PARK diverts 90 % of Hong Kong sewage sludge from landfills. The plant operates with the thermal energy produced during sludge incineration, which is recovered and converted into electricity.


Innovative and ecological architecture

Symbol of the waste to energy journey and the city's green ambition, the T•PARK complex includes:

 an educational and recreational centre for the public with a 2 800 m2 interactive sludge treatment exhibit;

• a 9 800 m2 landscaped and ecological garden dedicated to restoring and preserving biodiversity;

• a theatre, an environmentally responsible café, a spa with three heated pools, and a rooftop terrace with breath-taking views of Deep Bay and Shenzhen.

Contract scope

Site: Tsang Tsui, Tuen Mun, New regions

Population: 7.2 million

Facilities: 11 wastewater treatment plants

Contract term

Signed in 2010 / T•PARK commissioned in 2015 for 15 years operations

Business sector



Sludge incineration

• Desalination and wastewater treatment

• Waste recovery

• Treatment of gas emissions (nitrogen oxides, acids)


 Grand award - Structural Excellence Awards 2016 (Hong Kong Institute of Engineers)

• Award Wastewater project of the Year, Wastewater category - Global Water Awards 2016 (Global Water Intelligence)

• Hong Kong Green Organization certification

• Merit award, New buildings category - Building Award 2016 (Hong Kong Green Building Council)

• DFA Design, Grand award and Sustainability Award - Asia Awards 2016 (Hong Kong Design Centre)

• 2016 Hong Kong Awards for Industries, Certificate of merit for creativity and innovation (Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce)


• Environmental Education Centre (EEC)

• Leisure area (theatre, cafe, spa, etc.)