Decarbonizing local energy: Veolia unveils its ambitions for sustainable, affordable energy

Veolia deploys solutions for decarbonizing local energy

Producing decarbonizing local energy for all its municipal and industrial customers around the world. 

This is Veolia's commitment, presented on January 11, 2024 at an exclusive event in London, attended by many of the Group's stakeholders. Faced with such challenges, Estelle Brachlianoff, Veolia's Chief Executive Officer, Claude Laruelle, Executive Vice President in charge of Finance, Digital and Purchasing and Gavin Graveson, Director of the Northern Europe Zone, unveiled Veolia's concrete solutions and offers in decarbonizing energy. Throughout the event, Veolia offered a perspective on how the Group is shaping tomorrow's sustainable world, to ensure a fair, equitable and responsible energy transition. 

28 GWVeolia’s energy production 

N°2 in district heating networks in Europe

2027date by which Veolia will be energy self-sufficient in France

Producing local decarbonizing energy

How can we meet the challenge of decarbonization and self-sufficiency with local energy? This was the question that the “Deep Dive Energy” participants were able to answer throughout this morning dedicated to decarbonizing local energy. Veolia was able to reaffirm its commitment to providing environmentally-friendly local energy to its municipal and industrial customers around the world.

Decarbonizing local energy is tomorrow’s energy. It’s the energy the world needs to meet the challenges of the future. Veolia supports its customers in meeting these three major challenges: 

  • How can we reduce our carbon footprint?
  • How to ensure a secure energy supply chain for the next 15 years?
  • How can we protect ourselves against sudden fluctuations in energy prices?

By leveraging its expertise in water, waste and energy management, the Group is positioning itself as the perfect missing link in the energy value chain, capable of generating local, sustainable energy from previously under-exploited sources such as sewage sludge, biogas, waste heat and cooling. This approach is deployed wherever possible and locally available, both in the territories and at all Veolia-operated sites. 

Discover Veolia's local decarbonizing solutions in Poznan, Poland. An innovative solution for recovering the energy released by the Volkswagen foundry in Poznan, Poland, is presented. The waste heat generated by the industrial process is captured and directly reinjected into the Poznan city heating network, supplying 6,500 apartments, a hospital, commercial premises and a school.

By 2030, our goal is to become number one in heating networks in Europe, number one in energy efficiency services in Europe and the Middle East, and to increase our bioenergy and renewables capacity by 50% to 8GW. I am convinced that the energy solutions presented at this event represent an important part of our future 

Estelle Brachlianoff, Chief Executive Officer, Veolia 

Estelle Brachlianoff, Direction générale, Veolia

Innovating for a sustainable world

The Group offers innovative solutions designed to optimize and balance its customers' energy mix, while accelerating the production and consumption of renewable, local and low-carbon energies. Our aim? To sustainably improve the energy efficiency of our customers' facilities, thereby contributing to the creation of a decarbonized, sustainable and desirable world.

Veolia puts all its innovative capacities at the service of ecological transformation, and valorizes all types of energy: from solar energy and hydrogen to geothermal energy and biomethane. But the Group doesn't stop there! All our 213,000 employees work daily to develop solutions for the decarbonization and decentralisation of energy sources, as well as the digitalization of associated services. These solutions are shaping the energy landscape of tomorrow. 

Flexible energy to increase the UK's energy security 

Veolia announced the success of its pioneering V2G trial in the UK. As a result, waste collection trucks will soon be supplying flexible energy for greater energy security.

This global innovation, unveiled at "Deep Dive Energy" in London, will enable waste collection trucks to supply energy to British homes in the future. The UK's largest electric waste collection fleet operator, Veolia plans to electrify its entire fleet of vehicles by 2040. This transformation would enable the company to provide 150 MW of flexible power capacity, equivalent to the evening peak energy demand of 150,000 homes, supporting the country's energy security. 

V2G Veolia UK

Decarbonized local energy from waste cold in Barcelona

Veolia also recently launched an innovative initiative by deploying a waste cold recovery solution at the Enagás LNG terminal in Barcelona, a world first. This technology will generate 131 GWh of local, environmentally-friendly energy every year, avoiding more than 42,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. Scheduled to enter service in the second quarter of 2024, this solution harnesses the energy released during the regasification process of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is usually discharged into the sea.

Fatal cold recovery solution in Barcelona

In cooperation with Enagás and with the support of Barcelona City Council, Veolia will help supply decarbonized energy to Barcelona's port area, boosting the competitiveness of several industrial, tertiary and public infrastructure sites, while promoting decarbonization and sustainability in an area undergoing urban transformation.


How to face the challenge of decarbonization and self-sufficiency through local energy?


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