Veolia Secure GPT: generative artificial intelligence for the environment

Outil Veolia Secure GPT

Veolia, a world leader in environmental services, is taking a major step forward in its quest for innovation with the worldwide deployment of Veolia Secure GPT, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool dedicated to its 213,000 employees. Developed in record time, this technology promises to equip the Group’s employees with a secure tool for optimizing the processes of writing, translating, researching and synthesizing information, offering considerable advantages in terms of efficiency and data security within the Group. With the launch of Veolia Secure GPT, the Group asserts itself as a pioneer of innovation and digitalisation within the CAC 40.

Veolia Secure GPT:
a technological innovation serving employees and the planet

A true gas pedal of operational efficiency, Veolia Secure GPT is based on generative AI technology that offers invaluable possibilities for the precise management of resources. This innovation makes it possible to automate certain processes and predict usage trends, to support Veolia employees in creating tailor-made solutions to meet the complex environmental challenges facing Veolia.

The AI integrated into the solutions developed by the Group thus contributes to preserving the environment: by fostering innovation in resource management, it optimizes energy use, minimizes the carbon footprint thanks to accurate predictive models, and stimulates the design of eco-friendly solutions, offering environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional practices.

Veolia Secure GPT marks a significant evolution in the way Veolia leverages technology to improve its operations and services. It represents a major step forward in leveraging AI on a large scale, while strengthening security, privacy and risk management. This bold choice, the result of hard work by Veolia's IT teams, underscores Veolia's unwavering commitment to innovation and its willingness to invest in cutting-edge technology solutions for its employees.

A commitment to excellence that combines efficiency and safety 

Developed in just two months by Veolia's IT teams, and based on Microsoft's Azure OpenAI and Google Cloud Platform technologies, the Veolia Secure GPT generative artificial intelligence tool now gives all the Group's employees access to a secure platform to support them in their day-to-day missions and help them complete certain tasks more quickly, such as writing, translating, researching and summarizing information from PDF documents. By capitalizing on its widely deployed Cloud infrastructure, Veolia is positioning itself as one of the pioneers in its sector to deploy such a platform.

This secure tool, which ensures the strict confidentiality of the data processed, makes it possible to create a global database for all Veolia employees, who will themselves be involved in its continuous updating through data sharing. In addition, Veolia Secure GPT is an essential alternative to the free, public solutions frequently used in the workplace for quick translations or searches, thus reinforcing the security of Veolia's data, thanks to strict control of access to the tool.

A careful implementation

The deployment of this ambitious project was meticulously planned to test scalability. It was rolled out progressively, starting with 400 employees in July 2023, then extended to 2,000 employees at Veolia headquarters in September, before offering the tool to all 213,000 employees worldwide in October 2023. 

Since its introduction, Veolia Secure GPT has demonstrated remarkable performance in various fields such as content creation, image synthesis, language modeling and temporal sequence prediction. These systems can generate results that combine data quality and quantity.