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Verso: Veolia unveils the backstage of the ecological transformation

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Veolia launches its new YouTube channel dedicated to analysing, decoding and popularising the behind-the-scenes aspects of the ecological transformation. Aboard a 100% electric Veolia truck, 3 French influencers, scientific popularizers, go out on the field to meet the Group’s experts, its partners, suppliers and customers, who are acting every day for a more sustainable world. Verso, an easy-to-access scientific exploration media, answers questions, from the most basic to the most unusual, on environmental topics.

With the launch of the Verso YouTube channel, Veolia aims to popularise and democratise, through a positive, concrete and educational prism, the challenges and solutions of the Group's ecological transformation among the general public and particularly among the younger generation, who are very much in touch with environmental concerns.

An ultra-connected audience

The 15-34 age group uses very specific information vectors. They prefer to use the Internet and social networks, ahead of television, the press and the radio. Overall, no less than 70% of 15-34 year-olds get their news from social networks1, including YouTube.

By broadcasting thematic videos on Veolia's activities in water, energy and waste, this new media enables its audience to inform themselves, decode and understand the environmental challenges we face, while learning about existing solutions.


Verso, a channel in the image of Veolia...

Like Veolia, the new Verso channel is optimistic and determined to find tomorrow's solutions to build a more sustainable future. Looking towards the future, Verso gives us the keys and the eco-gestures so that, on a daily basis, we can act together to make a difference.

Developed by Veolia employees and experts over the past 170 years, the Group's cutting-edge technologies and solutions are presented by three scientific influencers and popularizers, who focus their content on understanding our ecosystems and preserving the environment. Internet users will find three categories of content: "Scientifacts", Wait, I'll explain", "On the road".


These short formats explain, in one minute only, and in a simple and accessible way, concepts around our three core businesses of water, energy and waste, such as "Can we drink rainwater?" or "What is ultra-pure water?

"Wait, I'll explain"

These longer, more descriptive formats provide more details on complex topics, such as new pollutants in water, or the role of pollen in air quality.

"On the road"

Documentary formats are 15-minute videos in the field to discover sites and experts, and to tackle issues in depth.

 …to attract the talents of tomorrow 

With over 1 million views in just a few weeks, the Verso YouTube channel is already proving its worth to its audience. By presenting activities that are sometimes little-known to the general public, Veolia is encouraging the younger generation to turn to environmental professions and join the Group, through various courses, in order to work towards the ecological transformation.

Chloé Carrière "The Verso channel is above all a human project. Human because of the teams of experts and creators who work hand in hand to rethink communication around ecological transformation. But it's also human in its aim to create a bridge between science and society by communicating information through stories, subject matter and humor."

portrait de Chloé Carrière

Antoine Salaün "Scientific popularisation is a major asset for engaging new generations in the challenges of ecological transformation. Thanks to the collaboration with Veolia's teams, we had the opportunity to meet experts in these fields and decipher their solutions, making this knowledge accessible to as many people as possible."

Virginie Hilssone-Lévy "It's regrettable that the traditional media pay so little attention to, or only take time to decipher, disasters. At present, this accounts for only 3% of the reports broadcast on TV news, which underlines the urgent need to create new media, such as the Verso channel, to reinvent narratives and present concrete solutions."

Portrait de Virginie Hilssone-Lévy
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YouTube in figures:

  • 2.2 billion users worldwide
  • 2nd largest search engine after Google
  • 37% of worldwide Internet traffic
  • Average time spent per visit: 21 minutes