Estelle Brachlianoff: "Ecological transformation is our purpose”

Estelle Brachlianoff : « La transformation écologique, c’est notre raison d’être »

Four years ago, Veolia declared its purpose in a document defining its values and ambition: "to contribute to human progress [...] to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all". At its Annual General Meeting, held on April 27th, 2023, the Group is reaffirming its DNA and direction through a shorter version of its purpose. Veolia is a collective of 220,000 Resourcers at the service of society and united throughout the world under the same banner: ecological transformation.

A Group guided by its purpose

By acting every day with optimism and determination, in this desire to be useful - over and above the solid financial results announced - everyone within the Group contributes to depolluting, decarbonizing, saving and regenerating resources. In 2022, 14 million tonnes of CO2 were removed from the carbon trajectories of our customers, corresponding to no fewer than 14 million Paris-New York roundtrip flights. It also saved 300 million m3 of water: the equivalent of the annual consumption of the Hauts-de-France region and Singapore!

Strong in adversity

During the Covid crisis, Veolia’s purpose served as a key touchstone for the Group in protecting the health of all its employees, while at the same time continuing to meet its responsibilities in providing essential services. And the successful merger with Suez showed that from the outset, it made sense for society, the planet, shareholders, clients and all employees.

An action rich in commitment and impact

“By having this purpose as our compass, we will always be able to find the path to usefulness, and therefore to prosperity," says Estelle Brachlianoff. This conviction is again at the heart of this short version of Veolia'purpose, promoting the powerful idea that the efficiency, productivity and creativity of more than 220,000 people –people who work every day with the certainty of knowing that they are useful to society as a whole– makes the difference.

Estelle Brachlianoff