Disinfecting premises

We disinfect and clean indoor spaces, always using methods that meet all applicable standards. The aim? To limit propagation of molds, bacteria and viruses.
équipe de désinfection au siège de Veolia

Regular disinfection of premises is a good idea as part of the fight against molds, pathogenic bacteria, parasites and viruses. Their propagation can be damaging to human health.
Everybody understandably thinks of the Covid-19 pandemic, because contaminated droplets can persist on surfaces. This is why procedures for cleaning and disinfecting premises play such a key role in reducing the risk of infection.

How to disinfect premises? Our range of solutions

Working through our subsidiaries Veolia Industries Global Solutions, STPI, and SARP, we have developed various solutions for cleaning and disinfecting indoor spaces in line with current standards. We work hard to look after the comfort and health of building occupants, whether at an office building, industrial facility or building open to the public.

We are on call 24/7, no matter the circumstances, and offer three complementary forms of disinfection, limiting post-cleaning risks, with a product that complies with the EN 14476 standard, depending on the size and type of surface to treat.

  • Disinfection of large spaces by misting: spraying a disinfectant, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal product as a mist of fine droplets. This is used to disinfect large spaces such as premises, offices, changing rooms, public transport, etc.
  • Disinfection by spraying: spraying a disinfectant, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal product in a water spray. This process is particularly used to treat specific medium- and large-size areas that may have been touched by different people, such as floors, furniture, equipment, etc.
  • Disinfection by bio-cleaning: set of manual operations for cleaning and disinfecting floors, surfaces, and furniture using disinfectants, bactericides, virucides, and fungicides. This process complements spraying and misting treatments and is used to treat floors, furniture and contact points such as handles, glass partitions, elevator buttons, etc.


  • Reduced health risks
  • Optimized productivity
  • Access to interventions 24/7

Are you are industrial or service industry customer? What benefits does this bring you?

Désinfection des locaux du V siège de Veolia

As well as disinfecting your premises you can also set up an action plan to tackle indoor air quality.
Remember that poor indoor air quality in an office building can harm the well-being and productivity of occupants. And in a healthcare setting, stale air can lead to serious consequences.
We offer several levels of services for indoor air quality, installation of sensors, and air-handling equipment.

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Naval Group


Disinfecting Naval Group’s headquarters and main sites to reduce risks relating to Covid-19

As of March 17 2020, working through our subsidiary STPI, part of Veolia Industries Global Solutions, we have been providing disinfection and cleaning services at the Paris headquarters of defense contractor Naval Group as well as at its strategic sites in Brest, l’Ile Longue, Indret, Ruelle, Bagneux, Toulon and Saint-Tropez. We carry out daily cleaning and disinfection of washrooms and dining halls, meeting rooms, connection rooms staff use to access the internal networks, as well as all other contact points (door handles, elevators, etc.) to reduce contamination risks.

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