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Our multifaceted performance

An approach of shared progress with and for our stakeholders

Fundamental and designed for the long term, Veolia's purpose is much more than mere words.
It is the first step in a broader vision of business in which "each company is a mosaic of stakeholders whose expectations must be equitably taken into account when sharing the value created.”

It is a compass that helps us set and hold our course over the long-term, a shared progress approach that concerns all Group employees. It is pursued for the benefit of all stakeholders and is applied through the Impact 2023 strategic program.


Managing the business through a multifaceted performance

Veolia is committed to a multifaceted performance with the same level of consideration and expectations as regards its economic, financial, commercial, social, societal and environmental performance. Its 18 indicators are associated with progress targets for 2023. These will be regularly audited and measured by independent bodies. They will be used to calculate the variable compensation of Veolia's senior executives.

Shared governance and steering

From its creation to its introduction, Veolia's purpose has been supported and steered at the highest level of the company. It serves as an inspiration and will be used to steer the Impact 2023 strategic program. It is widely publicized and shared throughout the Group.

The Board of Directors, which has validated the text and the indicators, monitors its proper application.

The Executive Committee and the Management Committee are directly responsible for its oversight.

The Committee of Critical Friends, independent experts, is regularly asked for its opinion with the aim of "challenging" the company and helping it stay on course.

A new "Strategy and Innovation" department has been created to steer Veolia's strategy with a view to achieving a multifaceted performance in line with the company's purpose.

Together with employee representative bodies, Veolia has set up a purpose monitoring committee to encourage all employees to own the purpose and be involved.

Lastly, managers actively mobilize their employees, both through internal networks and at dedicated events, with the goal of making them key players in their company's purpose.