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Opening of the Cerisy symposium on "Resilient Cities and Territories", co-organized by the Veolia Institute

The Cerisy symposium on "Resilient Cities and Territories" opens in the middle of the news of devastating hurricane activity. Jointly organized by the Veolia Institute, the Fabrique de la Cité and the ACS laboratory, the symposium brings researchers, business, and civil society actors together from 19 to 26 September. The aim is to explore how cities and territories increase their adaptive capacity in the face of risks such as climate change, technological breakthroughs, demographic and migration developments, resource management, terrorism, etc.
Laurent Auguste, Veolia’s Senior Executive Vice President Development, Innovation and Markets spoke today. Jean-Louis Fiamenghi, Director of Group Security, will speak on Saturday 23 September and Antoine Frérot, Chairman and CEO of Veolia, on Sunday 24 September.

Participating today in the "resources, territories and resilience" session, Laurent Auguste explained how the circular economy helps to re-build territories and strengthen their resilience.
As over 50 % of the world's population now lives in cities, municipalities are major consumers of essential resources (water, food, energy, raw materials, etc.). The availability and quality of these resources is a key factor in their resilience and ability to weather shocks. 

Circular economy: better more effectively managing resources and risks in a collaborative way

The circular economy improves the resilience of territories by enabling them in particular to reduce their energy consumption and produce their own resources (secondary raw materials, recycled wastewater, etc.). Because it reorganizes resource management by breaking down the traditional silos, the circular economy facilitates the development of new collaborative synergies between the various stakeholders in the territory.


"The circular economy helps strengthen territorial resilience: improving the use of resources, reducing risks and creating new areas of collaboration between the territory’s stakeholders. This reinforces both the attractiveness of cities and their competitiveness," explained Laurent Auguste.

Laurent Auguste mentioned several initiatives put in place by Veolia to improve the resilience of the territories in a collaborative way. Veolia and its partner Swiss-Re are supporting the city of New Orleans to help increase its resilience. In Mexico City, the Group has created a social entrepreneurship incubator that supports entrepreneurs developing collaborative and inclusive solutions. In France, thanks to Urban Pulse, digital technology strengthens the interactions between the people of Nice and their city. 

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