Resourcing the world together in 2015

Increase access to resources as well as conserve and renew resources.
Our vocation is to Resource the world.

In 2015, we will continue to innovate in circular economy solutions and actively contribute to the international Paris Climat 2015 (COP21) conference to meet the challenges of climate change. 

Antoine Frérot

Antoine Frérot,
Chairman and CEO of Veolia

At the UN Preparatory Summit on Climate Change in New York in September 2014, Antoine Frérot said:


“Climate change is one of the overriding challenges facing the world today. Our world has overdrawn its ecological credit line, but there are remedies for its ills.

They include recovering unavoidable energy; and the circular economy, a new kind of economy that turns waste into resource.
These solutions are a reminder that, while human beings are the climate’s number one enemy, they can also be its greatest friend, when they want to and are resolved to act accordingly. Will twenty-first century man be the environment’s friend or foe?
We have everything we need to be its friend. We have the means to break that all-too-frequent link between growth and air pollution, between urban growth and
methane or CO2 emissions.
We know the path that leads to friendship with the environment: we just need the determination to follow it now”.


12 meter Fresco designed by RUDE, Artist name of a British duo, on the fence of the construction site of Veolia's future head offices outside Paris. These offices will showcase our work and our mission.