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Reporting, for greater energy performance transparency


An increasing number of customers now have to meet demands for transparency from their own stakeholders in terms of environmental footprints, and in particular energy efficiency. The Group therefore offers a wide range of customer reporting tools and mechanisms that measure operational, environmental, and financial excellence. Establishing an energy efficiency approach is often accompanied by the signature of energy performance contracts to ensure greater clarity and visibility on the goals achieved. 

By using an energy performance contract, building managers aim to improve the energy performance of their facilities, optimize operational costs and expenditure on primary energy, and finally achieve goals to reduce the ecological footprint of the sites for which they are responsible.
Apart from these objectives, these managers often seek a certain degree of transparency on the management of resources, more efficient identification of the avenues for improvement, and on the visibility of the environmental efforts undertaken, which are of increasing importance for their stakeholders.

This explains why these decision makers want robust visualization and reporting solutions for their energy efficiency approaches.

Who are our customers ? 

Companies and tertiary services

The Veolia Solution


The Reporting solution uses the services delivered by the Veolia Hubgrade smart monitoring centres.

 Veolia's Reporting solution provides greater transparency in relation to the use of resources through easy access to data and three separate reporting modules available on the customer interface: 

→ Essential: this basic module, included in the Hubgrade offer, corresponds to a static monthly data reporting mode

→ Interactive: real-time information, accessible online from a dedicated web portal.

→ Advanced: with this module, the most advanced in the Reporting solution, dynamic information is delivered to the customer in real time in great detail, with anticipation and forecasting measures in addition. 

Veolia offers its institutional and business customers the Reporting solution, an energy performance contract (EPC) support module for greater clarity and visibility on performance criteria specific to each customer's needs.

Benefits for our customers

Global vision of energy performance

Optimizing resources and infrastructure

Reducing the environmental footprint

Focus Innovation

Hubgrade, for dynamic information

Veolia's Reporting Service uses the services provided by the Veolia Hubgrade smart monitoring centres. This service provides improved resource use transparency by facilitating access to the data.

They chose this solution



In Spain, energy management for an area of 210,000 m2

Indra, the leader in consulting and technology in Spain and Latin America, has entrusted Veolia with the energy management of 50 buildings in Spain under a fully guaranteed EPC. Thanks to 162 economy measures and the reporting service set up by Veolia, electricity consumption and related costs have dropped by 10%, CO2 emissions have fallen by 2500 t / year, and the buildings and their energy management have received ISO 14000 certification.


United Arab Emirates

Mall of the Emirates benefits from reporting

The "Mall of the Emirates" is one of the largest shopping centres in the world. Enova, a joint Majid Al Futtaim and Veolia venture, has already brought its expertise to the Mall of the Emirates. Since 2015 and thanks to the new performance management system and the Reporting service, the centre benefits from full visibility on the performance of the teams and on compliance with the agreed service levels. 



Hydro-Québec, eco-responsibility model

Hydro-Québec's data centre manages data for more than 4 million customers. It targets an energy efficiency rate of under 1.3, which is an exceptional performance for a data centre. Thanks to the Reporting service, the centre managers have clearly identified, visualized and interpreted the real-time data available to them, which significantly increases the energy performance of this advanced equipment.