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A social entrepreneurship incubator to boost the local economy


Social entrepreneurship is an essential part of the social and solidarity economy (SSE). Appearing in the 1970s, this concept refers to a group of enterprises whose operation and activities are based on the principle of solidarity and social value. Their action serves human development in the long term - in particular at the local level. 

In France in 2015, the social and solidarity economy sector accounted for 223,000 establishments, 2.34 million employees, or 10.3% of national employment, and produced almost 8% of its GDP.

A 2009 parliamentary report notes that, "The real anchorage of the SSE in the territories is expressed in terms of social innovation, maintaining or developing jobs, partnerships between companies, including those in the conventional economy.

The qualities of the SSE companies make them operators that are sought out by local authorities."
Involved in the SSE sphere, Veolia considers incubating social entrepreneurship initiatives to be a necessary commitment that is close to the territories. 

Who are our customers ?

Cities, local authorities, and inter-municipal structures

The Veolia Solution


Un incubateur d’entrepreneuriat social pour dynamiser l’économie locale

The Group also created POP UP, a platform that supports the establishment of social entrepreneurship incubators in the territories.

This collaboration is most often linked to the Group's businesses, as in France with for example the Elise network which not only collects and recycles office paper but also creates local and sustainable jobs for people with difficulties.

Projects incubated in the framework of POP UP are systematically related to Veolia's expertise: public service mission, local services, the circular economy.

The benefits of such an initiative are manifold. By positioning itself as a special partner for social entrepreneurs, the Group meets the expectations of local authorities in terms of societal commitment and the creation of local value. It also helps enrich Veolia's businesses through an Open Innovation process and promotes eco-business and subcontracting between incubated companies and Veolia.

​Wherever it operates, Veolia partners the social and solidarity economy. 

Benefits for our customers

Supporting the local economy

Creating shared value

Creating jobs

Focus Innovation

Première Brique, the Toulouse Métropole social entrepreneurial incubator

With POP UP, Veolia offers a platform in which the social players coach start-ups that have the germ of an idea related to the Group's businesses. The initiative is developed in partnership with social entrepreneurship experts such as Ashoka and Antropia. 

They chose this solution



Première Brique, the Toulouse Métropole social entrepreneurial incubator

In Toulouse, Veolia helped create "Première Brique", an incubator that supports social entrepreneurs working in the fields of water, cleanliness, and smart and sustainable cities. This project, supported by public and private stakeholders, contributes to the economic development of the 37 municipalities that make up Toulouse Métropole and promotes the creation and development of innovative social enterprises in the territory.

Mexico City


“SenseCube Urbana”, an incubator specializing in urban water issues

In Mexico City, Veolia was actively involved in launching the "SenseCube Urbana" incubator, specializing in urban water issues. Five projects have been selected at this stage, including "Conciencia Hidrica", which develops tools to control water consumption, promotes cultural transformation of the relationship with water in the city, and promotes controlled use of water resources.