Registered Shares

How to subscribe to registered shares

If you would like to open a pure registered account with Société Générale’s Custody and Trustee department, apply directly in writing to the following address :

Service aux Emetteurs de la Société Générale
32, rue du Champ de Tir
BP 81236
44312 NANTES Cedex 3  

Or fax :

02 51 85 53 42 (share purchase / sales)
02 51 85 62 15 (transfers, updates)

CALL CENTER : 02 51 85 67 89

If your already own Veolia Environnement shares and want to transfer them to a “pure registered” account, write to your financial intermediary, which will carry out the change by contacting Société Générale’s Custody and Trustee department directly.

Similarly, if you want to register your Veolia Environnement shares in an “administered registered” account, write to your financial intermediary specifying your desired mode of registration.

Advantages of "pure registered shares"

Notice to attend shareholders’ meetings sent to you automatically two or three weeks before the date of the meeting: a complete set of documents relating to the meeting is sent by mail to all registered shareholders, regardless of the number of shares held. Shareholders wishing to attend must return the application for a ticket of admission within the stipulated deadline. Even if the application fails to reach the company offices in time, shareholders can gain admission simply by showing proof of their identity.

A regular flow of personalized information about the company, e.g. the Annual Report, Shareholders’ Newsletters, the Shareholders’ Guide, etc.

Access to a special Société Générale hotline reserved for registered shareholders. Registered shareholders can call this number for information regarding their shares and to conduct transactions (buying and selling, receiving dividends, answers to tax queries, etc.)

For registred shareholders

Veolia Environnement has mandated Société Générale to operate the following free phone numbers to enable registered shareholders to consulter and administer their accounts :

Nomilia : a multilingual phone service with counselors available from Monday through Friday, 8h30 am till 6 pm: 33 (0) 2 51 85 67 89 (non surcharged number) : a secured access to your account, and an online help to guide you through each screen in consulting your portfolio, transmitting buy and sell orders, etc.

Advantages of "administered shares"

Same access to information as for “pure registered shares,” especially automatic receipt of notices to attend shareholders’ meetings, simplified conditions of admission to shareholders’ meetings, ...

Shareholders can hold all of their shares in a single portfolio, with a single financial intermediary.

Your Veolia Environnement shares are administered in the same way as “bearer shares,” which means you pay custody and basic administration fees. The precise charges depend on your financial intermediary.