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2016 international health and safety week: Veolia employees mobilized across the world

Veolia’s international health and safety week, which took place from 19 to 23 September, was marked by the many awareness raising actions that were organized wherever the Group operates. Their shared goal: "zero accidents".


Middle East

Veolia teams in the Middle East made a health and safety video entitled “Safety is Key” aimed at not only employees but also visitors to the Group’s sites. Portrait posters of employees were presented on every site in the zone to educate employees about the 5 major risks: the presence of hydrogen sulphide gas, hazardous chemicals, falling objects, presence of legionella, and chemical hazards.


In China, workshops and safety drills for operators were organized throughout the country. In Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai employees took part in meetings to talk about preventing back pain in the office. In Singapore, the focus was in particular on chemical leak drills.

Latin America 

In 7 Latin America countries, a drawing competition was launched on the topic of health and safety (HS) for employees' children aged between 3 and 12 years. At a ceremony in Chile, the "best HS employee 2016" was rewarded for compliance with safety rules. In Peru, a safety "skits" competition was launched. In Brazil employees were made aware of how to prevent common diseases and infections.

North America 

North America focused on preventing slips, falls, sprains and injuries by promoting a series of tips about how to avoid them: identify the risks, think of another way of doing it if the job requires excessive force, use the best tool for the job properly, and focus on the task at hand.
14 Veolia sites in North America are certified VPP Star , the highest level of commitment for employers and employees in voluntary health and safety protection programmes. Thanks to this high level of commitment accident and disease rates for Veolia in the United States are below the national averages. 


Every year the Veolia Northern Europe Veolia rewards the best practices of employees in different categories. In the "security" category, four projects were selected this year: in Germany a patented container masking system that prevents the risk of falls; in Sweden intensive safety training on the Avesta site; in the Netherlands video testimony of an employee injured in a workplace accident; in Belgium, the "European Parliament safety award" for the drop in its accident frequency rates between 2012 and 2015. 

In Slovakia, after a health and safety videoconference was held simultaneously in five cities, a 2016 safety award for the “safest operation” was presented live to mark the occasion. In the Czech Republic, an awareness campaign on the use of reflective tape when moving and working on public roads took place. Practical firefighting training sessions and health and safety drills were conducted under real conditions in Hungary.

In the south of France, training on the dangers and effects of addictions related to the consumption of alcohol, drugs and medicines were organized. Safety workshops were held in the centres in Marne, Oise and Seine. In Boulogne-sur-Mer, an emergency confined spaces evacuation drill took place with the local fire and emergency services. In the Rhine-Rhône area, a nutritionist reminded people about healthy eating habits and two CRS officers taught good driving practices. In Ile-de-France, employees were able to participate in four health and safety workshops: domestic chemical risks, bike safety, awareness of road risks, and a 2 wheel simulator.

In UK and Ireland pays particular attention was paid to the interactions between vehicles and pedestrians which continue to present one of the most significant risks in the zone. A film entitled Daydream highlights how quickly pedestrians and drivers can become involved in a dangerous accident. 

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