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International Women's Day: Veolia commits to greater gender equity and combating sexism

The theme of the International Women's Day 2017 is "Women in a changing world of work: Planet 50-50 by 2030". An opportunity for Veolia to reaffirm its objective: to guarantee full respect for women's rights, ensure gender equality, and foster gender balance in its activities.

Developing diversity is a priority for Veolia in combating all forms of discrimination. Equal treatment, opportunities, promotion, and access to positions of responsibility for its 32,000 employees is a challenge for the Group's performance. By mobilizing all talents, in particular those of women, real balanced diversity becomes a source of creativity serving clients and a factor in social cohesion.

"Greater diversity and gender diversity promotes Veolia’s development. No lasting solution to social, economic, and political problems can be found without the active participation of women," explained Veolia Chairman and CEO Antoine Frérot.

> Target: 30% of women managers by 2020

Currently women represent 25% of Veolia employees and 18% of management teams (this rate was 14% in 2013). A diversity network, sponsored at Veolia Executive Committee level by Estelle Brachlianoff, Senior Executive Vice-President Veolia UK and Ireland and Régis Calmels, Senior Executive Vice President Asia, brings together 2,000 women and men from Veolia, all over the world, in order to promote the recruitment of women, accelerate their promotion and to combat all forms of sexism. 

"Business success is underpinned by empowering talent, regardless of gender. Being an inclusive employer is vital. Beyond gender, people must be promoted on the basis of talent at all levels. To embody this inclusivity, I use this formula: rather than asking yourself why, ask yourself why not". And this is the outlook we need to embed in everyone,” said Estelle Brachlianoff.

> Fighting sexism

Veolia has partnered with Sexism Action and Mobilisation Plan introduced by Laurence Rossignol, Minister of Families, Children and Women's Rights and Myriam El Khomri, Minister of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue.
Today, at the Veolia head office in the presence of Clara Gaymard, member of Veolia’s Board of Directors and president of the Womens' Forum, and Jean-Marie Lambert, Senior Executive Vice President Human Resources, the BVA Institute presented the results of a sexism survey carried out among more than 8,000 Group employees in order to identify the means for effectively fighting the issue and encourage everyone to mobilize on a daily basis

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