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ArcelorMittal in South Africa is working with Veolia towards zero liquid discharge

ArcelorMittal South Africa has awarded Veolia the contract for the treatment of industrial wastewater at its steel production site in Vanderbijlpark, south of Johannesburg, with the aim of achieving zero liquid discharge as the result of a complete water recycling circuit.

With around 100 employees on site, Veolia will oversee the operation of the industrial water treatment and distribution facilities. Several technologies, such as reverse osmosis membrane filtration and evapo-concentration, will optimise the water recycling circuit and reduce raw water intake.
Veolia will manage a water treatment plant with a capacity of 1000 m3 / hour, and two effluent treatment plants each treating 1000 m3 / hour.

Veolia treats industrial pollution

Veolia preserves water resources and recycles effluents to enhance access to water for local populations and to avoid groundwater pollution. These solutions allow industrials to reduce their environmental footprint and engage in a proactive approach to social responsibility and sustainable development.

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Publication date: 25 November 2015