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Asia, a continent of possibilities for Veolia

Asia is one of the most dynamic areas of the world with plenty of opportunities for Veolia in the years ahead.

China, Japan, South Korea and India are the most important countries for Veolia and they already represent 1.1 billion Euros of the Company's turnover. This highly positive trend is expected to continue in coming decades due to strong economic and industrial development of this region and its rapid urbanisation.

12 cities of over 15 million residents
Twelve of the twenty most densely populated cities were located in Asia in 2014 and this phenomenon is continuing to accelerate raising many social, economic and environmental challenges. Veolia, as an expert in water, waste and energy management, offers unique economically and environmentally efficient solutions to provide all essential services to the residents of these cities and support the development of industry. Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai and Singapore as well as a large number of manufacturers such as Sinopec, SK Hynix, Tianjin Soda and L'Oréal have already chosen Veolia to support their growth while reducing their environmental footprint. By introducing appropriate recycling and waste minimisation technologies through the controlled management of networks and plants as well as implementing innovative social engineering solutions, Veolia contributes to the economic development of this region every day, encouraging a more circular approach.


Veolia is the only international operator to have obtained Public Utility Concessions in Japan.
1,074 billion Euros
19,000 employees

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