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BIODIVERSITY MOOC: online training supported by the Veolia Foundation

The Environment and Sustainable Development Virtual University (UVED) presented its Biodiversity Massive open online course (MOOC) at a "COP 21 Destination" event organized by the Recyclerie in Paris on April 22. The UVED is one of seven thematic digital universities created and supported by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.

This MOOC, which is scientifically managed by Gilles Bœuf, Chairman of the National Museum of Natural History and professor at the Collège de France, aims to help students to better apprehend what biodiversity is and its importance in human and territorial development: culture, health, city, agriculture, etc.
35 scientists, including a Research and Innovation expert from Veolia, Stellio CASAS, helped develop course content (70 online videos). MOOC objectives are to change perceptions on biodiversity and increase the involvement of the population in its preservation.
The course is free and open to anyone without any pre-requisites.
Veolia is involved in helping to limit the erosion of biodiversity in the world in two ways: it works to reduce the impact of its activities and those of its customers on nature and to create conditions to help preserve and restore species and their habitats. The Company’s actions have three objectives[1]:
- Better address the challenges of biodiversity locally and develop innovative solutions based on nature.
- Implement environmentally friendly development and management actions on our sites and those of our customers.
- Educate and involve the greatest number, internally and externally, and promote actions implemented with local stakeholders.
The Veolia Foundation supports this educational project which will begin on May 4.

> The MOOC (See videos with English sub-titles) (in french only)  


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