7 october 2014

Circular economy: a 100% recycled and recyclable worktop for Castorama

Castorama and Veolia have designed a 100% recycled wood composite which can be used in industry, made from off-cuts from sold items and recycled plastic. A first for France to enable the production of a laminate worktop: a pure product of the circular economy.

“Our business is changing from that of a service provider to that of a producer of renewable resources” explains Bernard Harambillet, CEO Waste Solutions for Veolia in France. 

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Press release New kitchen product typifies the circular economy
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This evolution is made real through the partnership with Castorama, the leading French home improvement retailer.

Veolia and Castorama teams have spent over a year working together to design and make a fully recycled wood composite kitchen worktop: 35% wood and 65% plastic. 



“Within the partnership we no longer speak of waste but rather secondary raw materials, quality control analyses, product composition and industrial processes” says Christophe Guyader, Director of Component and Material Development at Kingfisher France, which owns Castorama.

To sustain the initiative, the two partners have signed a supply contract for 1000 tons a year for 5 years.

A product of the circular economy enters the kitchen

We turn waste into materials