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Conference on distribution and market logics for the poorest

The Institut Veolia and Bel group organised a conference on 10th December on the Last Mile Delivery and the Informal Sector, on the publication of a special edition of the FACTS Reports review on this issue.

The "Last mile" is the mile which has the most effect on consumers. Furthermore, the last mile represents a decisive factor in economic and social integration for the most disadvantaged populations in developing countries and in the poorest districts of developed countries, as it is the key for determining the provision of goods and services.

Trials have been carried out to reach these populations, whether urban or rural, via adapted distribution circuits, micro-franchises, the development of training, integration or assistance for entrepreneurs. Such as in Vietnam, where the Bel group has organised an innovative partnership with the sellers on Ho Chi Minh street, who represent the main source of food supplies for the poorest populations, and who contribute to modernising the economy of the country, creating an interface with the informal sector.

Around a dozen experts and scientists from all corners of the globe met at the veolia’s head office in Paris to present their contributions. The FACTS review from the Institut Veolia aims to explore issues relating to development, humanitarian aid, health, education and the environment, combining know-how, experience and solutions, in order to share the former between actors in the field and improve the effectiveness of hands-on actions.

Many examples, in France and on emerging markets, were presented at this conference. Articles can be accessed at: