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Drinking-water production and distribution are making progress in Saint-Martin

Drinking-water production and distribution on Saint-Martin are making significant progress one month after hurricane Irma. The plant and mobile seawater desalination unit on the island are now supplying about 3.5 million liters of water a day, covering about two-thirds of the population’s usual consumption. More than 60% of the connections are now up and running again. Veolia’s and its Foundation’s teams are pushing ahead in circumstances that remain difficult.

Work to restore drinking-water supplies on Saint-Martin continues to move forward. At this point, the system is delivering 3.5 million liters a day, i.e. about two-thirds of its pre-Irma output. The situation is improving a little each day, thanks to Veolia’s and its Foundation’s teams. At this point, more than 60% of the individual connections have been reopened and are once again supplying drinking water to taps in the island’s homes.
One month after hurricane Irma, 80 people—Veolia employees, subcontractors and partners—continue to work amid difficult circumstances on Saint-Martin. The network sustained considerable damage and there is still a lot of work to do before supplies are fully operational again.
To this end, Veolia is submitting an action plan for authorities to approve, covering drinking-water production, distribution and sewerage, and including objectives, timelines and resources.
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