Earth Day: Veolia welcomes the start of the Paris Climate Agreement ratification process

This Friday at the UN headquarters in New York, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the UN, will officially launch the countries’ Paris Agreement ratification process. Working to combat climate change, Veolia welcomes this milestone that embodies the commitments made at COP 21.

Implementing the Paris Agreement is urgent, as evidenced by the increase in extreme weather events worldwide. To contain global warming to 2°C, global greenhouse gas emissions will have to decrease to 70% by 2050[1].  

Through its businesses, Veolia contributes to this objective and is committed to 3 actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions:
- Develop a new resource use model, which is more sober, more efficient and based on renewable energy in line with circular economy principles.
- Apply the "polluter pays" principle, i.e. establish and enforce a robust and predictable carbon price of 30-40 euros per tonne.
- Reduce the emissions of short lifetime and high global warming potential greenhouse gases such as methane.


"As world leader in environmental services, as partner to many cities that produce over 80% of global CO2 emissions, and as a designer and operator of solutions that reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by industry and cities, Veolia has been involved in the fight against climate change for many years," says Antoine Frérot, Veolia Chairman and CEO.

"The world now has a universal climate agreement that is equitable, flexible and durable. But our task is not over. The signature of the Paris Agreement by the Heads of State and Government will show the world they are determined to move forward as soon as possible" says Ban Ki-moon.

Veolia has put figures on its objectives for 2020:

- 100 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent reduced in the period 2015-2020
- 50 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent avoided in the period 2015-2020
- Capture more than 60% of the methane produced in the Group's waste disposal centers

The Group’s climate performance in 2015:

  • 57% of methane captured
  • 16 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent reduced
  • 6 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent avoided

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[1] According to the latest IPCC report 2014