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France: ELISE and Veolia extend their partnership in waste collection and recycling for businesses

Partners since 2012 for the collection and recycling of office papers, Veolia and ELISE are strengthening their collaboration and extending their services to all types of office waste. Within this new agreement, 68,000 tons of paper and plastic and 50,000 tons of other waste will be processed each year. 300 jobs will be created by 2020.

In 2016, ELISE and Veolia will offer companies a complete range of collection and recycling services for all their types of waste: office papers, cups, cans, organic waste, textiles, electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and furniture. They will be collected and sorted by ELISE. Veolia will transform the waste into recycled raw materials that will be sold to local industries, thus developing local loops of circular economy.
These new services are in line with the draft decree "relating to the promotion of the circular economy and the prevention and management of waste", which covers the separate collection and recycling of paper, metal, plastic, glass and wood for all companies producing more than 1,100 liters of one of these types of waste per week.


A social and solidarity economy covering the whole of France

The ELISE-Veolia partnership in the waste collection and recycling activity will gradually extend to include every region in France with 50 centers. Within this framework, 300 jobs will be created by 2020 for people with disabilities or integration difficulties. 

The Veolia foundation supports the 

"With ELISE, we are now able to offer companies a complete collection and recycling service for all their waste, with which we produce new resources. And the development of this circular economy promotes a social and solidarity economy," said Bernard Harambillet, CEO Waste Solutions for Veolia in France.


"Veolia and ELISE share the same strong convictions, which are reflected in the extension of this win / win business partnership and in concrete figures: 275 jobs created at ELISE, the majority of which are permanent, 17,000 tons of paper recycled every year and 8200 companies who have placed their trust in us," concluded Alexis Pelluault, CEO of the ELISE Group

The Veolia foundation also supports the deployment of ELISE’s activity.

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