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Global Social Business Summit in Mexico on November 27th.

Veolia works alongside Global Social Business stakeholders to develop solutions against poverty.

Muhammad Yunus, who invented microfinance and the social business development model, invited a number of stakeholders such as governments, local authorities, NGOs, businesses and researchers to work on new solutions to fight against poverty on a large scale. Eric Lesueur, director in charge of incubation of new offers for Veolia, shared the Group's expertise and innovative projects during the roundtable on “Shaping social business - to shape the world of 2020”.

The principal of social business, according to Muhammad Yunus, is to reconcile the social objective, with the economic viability without losses or dividends and concern for the environnment. In the Dhaka region of Bangladesh, where the groundwater is naturally contaminated with arsenic, creating serious health problems for the population, Veolia with Muhammad Yunus started in 2010, a social business - Grameen Veolia Water Ltd - to supply drinking water to 100 000 Bangladeshis, with standardized pricing for both urban and rural populations.

"The challenge for the social economy is now to better use business performance that a Group like Veolia can provide to help resolve social problems in each area of the world by 2020", said Eric Lesueur. "Veolia, because it has more than others the experience and the capacity to develop local long-term activities, is actively contributing to Muhammad Yunus's initiative".