Haiti: Local Innovations, Essential to Sustainable Development

On September 19th, the Veolia Institute and the Fondation de France are holding a joint seminar in Paris on the subject of Haiti.

At the heart of the discussions will be the "Development Project Note”,  Whose principal points will be published in a special edition of the journal FACTS Reports “Haïti, local innovations, key for a sustainable and inclusive development”.
If the earthquake that destroyed Port-au-Prince and killed 250,000 Haitians in 2010 called for an urgent response, it was also necessary to rebuild the country, and think of solutions for its sustainable development. 

The Veolia Institute, through its publication FACTS Reports, worked hand in hand with the Fondation de France. Considering that the innovation is at the heart of the development of societies and economies, ever more so at the local level, the objective was to diffuse and valorize the innovations carried out by people on the ground in the fields of agriculture, education and sanitation. Allowing also for their validation, capitalization and duplication, for the benefit of the greatest number of people.


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"The earthquake has forced us to ask questions, find answers that do not fall under the "off-the-shelf" solutions of international aid," writes Michèle Oriol, Director of the Haiti Interministerial Commission for Land Development, in the foreword. The authors lead us to the heart of the great debates of civilization, of the future: the public space as a public asset to build, maintain, and manage in the heart of urban living, urban planning."

These discussions will resonate at the September 19th seminar at the Veolia headquarters, especially with the presence of representatives of NGOs such as ACTED, and the French Development Agency, the French National Research Agency, the Fondation de France, Cités unies (Cities United), and Groupe Initiatives.


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