The Kuala Lumpur finance hub complies with the highest environmental standards

On September 23rd, Veolia signed a 20-year partnership agreement with the state-owned Malaysian company "1MDB" for Kuala Lumpur's new international financial centre called the TunRazak Exchange (TRX). Veolia will implement five key advanced waste water treatment technologies.

As this project has been conceived and designed to meet the highest environmental standards, Veolia aims to recover at least 80% of the 3.8 million m3 of wastewater generated each year for reuse in the financial centre. 

Its target: reduce fresh water consumption by 50%. 

Veolia will handle this project by deploying its five key wastewater treatment technologies, including Alizair, a biological deodorizing process that eliminates any kind of unpleasant odor associated with water treatment.

Made to measure for the TRX project, it will treat 13,300 m3 of wastewater per day.


1MDB's CEO DAto’ HajiAzmarTalib stresses, "This Partnership with Veolia is a key part in achieving sustainable development in Malaysia according to international standards. This solution not only saves money for tenants, it will also prove that sustainable development is not necessarily more expensive".

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at least 80%

of wastewater 

Treatment of 
13,300 m3 of
wastewater per day

Reducing fresh water
by 50%