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March 8, 2014, International Women's Day

"Gender mix, professional equality and female leadership are major levers of collective intelligence and competitiveness that are key to our transformation and will augment our overall performance"

Antoine Frérot, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Principles, commitments, progress

For several years now, the gender mix and career development for women have been an essential part of an overall policy at Veolia to encourage diversity and equal opportunity. This approach has been recognized through various official certifications in France and other countries; it is made concrete through commitments undertaken at the most senior level: steering of the Diversity Commitments of the Corporate Human Relations Department since 2012, 2012-2015 gender mix action plan within Veolia Environnement's Executive Committee, signature in April 2013 of the agreement on professional equality with the French ministry for women's rights.

A question of corporate culture and performance for the New Veolia

What we want for the group is to go beyond obligatory compliance with principles. These approaches of gender mix, professional equality and female leadership will also guarantee more creativity and harmony in working relations, thus making an essential contribution to the corporate culture of the New Veolia. This Veolia will be distinctly more diverse and more international, in phase with the realities of the world today and in the future. Veolia's 45,000 female employees already offer it a sound base, but its future success will be all the greater if there are more women and with more influence.


"Professional equality between men and women, the promotion of women to our company's governance bodies and the gender mix are all priorities for our human resources policy during our transformation phase."

Jean-Marie Lambert, Senior Executive Vice-President in charge of human resources of Veolia Environnement
Jean-Marie Lambert, Directeur des ressources humaines

Veolia's approach of making clear and measurable commitments is already producing results: the target of a 15% share of female managers has been met and, at 24% in 2013, the rate for women supervisors is constantly rising. More generally, to consolidate our group's feminization in the future, Veolia is continuing its efforts to hire women, who now account for almost a quarter of our external hires. We are also putting the focus on training for the 45,000 female employees across all our business activities, operational regions and functional departments. Veolia progresses through the numerous local initiatives in our operations, such as the action plan in Japan that received our internal "Social Equality and Diversity" award, and the network of ambassadors for gender mix set up by Veolia Environmental Services in France to support the promotion of women in its activities.

Over and above the long-term commitments and the annual events organized around March 8, through their individual behavior and their innovations in the workplace, Veolia's employees are constantly building a corporate model where the place and the essential role of women is fully and naturally recognized.

Veolia's 45,000 female employees already offer it a sound base, but its future success will be all the greater if there are more women and with more influence.