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Veolia wins petrochemical contract worth over €15 million in Taiwan

Formosa Petrochemical Corporation (FPCC) was seeking to increase production capacity at its Mailiao petrochemical complex on Taiwan's west coast while reducing surface water consumption.
Veolia will use proprietary technologies such as AnoxKaldnes MBBR - which optimizes water reclamation - to plan refurbishments at the wastewater treatment plant while supplying relevant technology and equipment to ensure the revamped facility provides the required level of performance.
Veolia's solutions will significantly reduce raw water consumption at the plant, from 60,000 cubic meters per day to just 25,000 cubic meters per day, 5,000 cubic meters of which will be recycled.

"Drawing on over 350 exclusive technologies and solid experience in managing projects for the hydrocarbon industry, Veolia [can offer] integrated treatment solutions to optimize water reclamation, reduce the water footprint of industrial facilities and improve their economic performance."
Thierry Froment
CEO Veolia Water Oil & Gas

Key figures
The Mailiao complex can refine up to 540,000 barrels a day and produces 2.9 million metric tons of ethylene and 2.3 million tons of propylene every year. It is the largest petrochemical site in Taiwan.
Client benefits
Significant reduction in raw water consumption at the plant
Improved treatment of effluent
Environmentally friendly (helping to protect a very rare species of pink dolphin)