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PPS contract set to save Washington, D.C. $12 million per year

A model for collaboration between the public and private sectors, Peer Performance Solutions reduce customer bills through efficiencies in water management and production.

Water distribution and wastewater specialist DC Water contracted Veolia to identify areas for improvement in operations and management at the Washington Aqueduct, a federally owned and operated public water supply agency.

Veolia, DC Water et Washington Aqueduct contrat PPS
Veolia spent four months reviewing the agency’s operations, with its sights set on attaining excellence at every stage—from the source to the faucet. 

“We have been leveraging innovation at DC Water to reduce costs and improve efficiency and wanted to explore whether the same could be achieved at our water supplier.” explains George Hawkins, General Manager of DC Water.

Veolia and Washington Aqueduct teams will work together over the next 18 months to roll out the changes, which should result in savings of $8 to $12 million

This new consultative partnership model is already being used successfully in New York, Pittsburgh and DeKalb County  in Georgia. New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection has already achieved $70 million in savings and is expected to bring this figure up to $100 million by 2016.

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