Presentation of Veolia’s Trophées Performance 2015: 9 young graduates honored

This morning, Veolia’s CEO Antoine Frérot congratulated the 9 winners of the Trophées Performance 2015. He stressed the importance Veolia attaches to innovation and to accompanying young graduates.

Since 1998 Veolia’s Trophées Performance have been rewarding the most innovative work undertaken by university, engineering and business school students in their final year. The contest is divided into three categories: performance, industries and cities.

This year, among the hundreds of candidates pre-selected from fifty French and international schools and universities, 18 were asked to present their projects to juries composed of representatives of the Veolia Group's main functional departments (human resources, training, innovation and research, sustainable development, marketing, communication) and of the Group's business lines.

The 9 winners have gained an 800 euro scholarship, a return ticket for Seoul and the opportunity to go and meet the Group's employees and facilities. In addition, the winners’ home institutions receive an endowment of 4,000 euros.


The 9 winners in 2015 and their areas of study: :

Performance / Internal: Raphaël Baubion, ENSEM Nancy (France) :
Digital modeling of the long term performance of pipe insulation in district heating networks: potential application on the 1,500 km of the district heating pipe network in Warsaw.

Performance / External: Anaïs Duperron, EPF Sceaux (France):
Optimization of building solutions on the basis of the life cycle of buildings and environmental infrastructure. Application for independent buildings without energy or water network connections.

Performance / Special award: Nicolas Geneste-Samissoff, Grenoble INP – Ense3 (France):
Design of a vacuum distillation desalination process using solar energy and composite plate heat exchanger technology, and reusing the freshwater condensate energy produced.

Industries / Internal: Eddy Tarkhani, ENSIC Nancy (France):
Development of a method for reducing industrial pollution in China using the Fenton reaction which removes micro-ferrous pollutants present in effluent.

Industries / External: Maxime Venturelli, Université de Liège (Belgium):
Formulation of a combined sludge - biomass fuel making it possible to recycle the sewage sludge energy in biomass plants.

Industries / Special award: Eva Martin-Gutierrez, INSA de Lyon (France):
Recycling waste plastics to produce high quality secondary raw materials at a competitive price.

Cities / Internal: Adrien Giraud, AgroParisTech (France):
Big data analysis of drinking water consumption behavior through smart meters and the identification of new uses.

Cities / External: Ilona  CLABAUT, HEI Lille (France):
Creation of an environment cooperative in Senegalese villages to manage domestic waste in a sustainable, equitable and profitable way in accordance with the culture of each village.

Special mention: Kate Smith, Tsinghua University Veolia, Beijing (China):
Energy savings for the urban drinking water supply, in particular in high-rise buildings in China.

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Date of publication : 1 December 2015