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Proactiva awarded a contract in Las Condes - Santiago, Chili for waste collection

The municipality of Las Condes, in Santiago, has renewed its contract with Proactiva, a subsidiary of Veolia for the collection of its solid municipal waste. A contract of 40 million Euros over 8 years, with an extension for an additional 2 years.

It is the most important contract for Veolia in Chile for this type of service: since 2004, its Proactiva subsidiary, operates the domestic waste collection of solids and bulky items but also manages the waste drop-off centers and the recovery of the illegal dumpings in Las Condes.
Las Condes, a municipality of 284 000 inhabitants, is one of the more emblematic districts of Santiago, regrouping the majority of the diplomatic representations, the principal universities and the head offices of the largest national and international companies.
This contract is also the second most important for Veolia in Latin America, after that of Buenos Aires (500 million Euros over 10 years) for the management of the urban waste management services.
The subsidiary of Veolia Environnement is affirmed as one of the principal actors in environmental services for public authorities and companies, in a region - Latin America -, where the reinforced environmental constraints are leading them to put into place solutions to manage their complex environmental issues.

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Proactiva Medio Ambiente, set up in 1999, with approximately 12 000 employees in 8 countries, is the partner of 120 municipalities and capital cities in Latin America and manages the water and waste for more than 45 million inhabitants.

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