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Habitat III: Veolia is committed to the new urban agenda

Habitat III, the third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, runs from 17 to 20 October 2016 in Quito (Ecuador) on the theme of "Sustainable urban development: the future of urbanization?". Pierre Victoria, Veolia’s Director of Sustainable Development spoke during the day devoted to businesses. Eric Lesueur, CEO of 2EI, the Veolia subsidiary dedicated to sustainable urban innovation, presented the Sustainable City Simulator used in Santiago (Chile).

Resilience of the cities 

During the day devoted to businesses, Pierre Victoria presented the solutions implemented by Veolia to increase the resilience of the cities of Copenhagen  and New Orleans  in the face of extreme climate events. He stressed that the deployment of such solutions made it possible to build safer and more inclusive cities, with all the local players.

Inclusion and efficient management of essential services

Eric Lesueur participated in the round table "What cooperation for a more resilient and caring city?”, organized by Veolia, and included in the official Habitiat III program. The event brought together a high level panel (academics, French parliamentarians, Ecuadorian elected members, etc.). Alongside him the representative of the city of Guayaquil (Ecuador), a Veolia partner, explained the link between the active participation of citizens in the management of essential services and efficiency of those services.


Planning the city of the future

During an event in the Pavillon France, Eric Lesueur also presented the Sustainable City Simulator[1] which was developed for the city of Santiago in Chile. Using a 3D model of the city, the tool assesses the impact of urban planning decisions in relation to the various urban challenges: environment, health, natural resources, social equity, diversity and transport. For example, it provided a technical, economic and environmental evaluation of the different solutions for the North-South highway in the city of Santiago.

"The municipality of Santiago considers this tool a unique opportunity to share a vision of the city with local people. It introduces a process of involving all the players in the co-construction of a better quality of life," said Éric Lesueur.

Habitat III

Twenty years after Habitat II which was held in Istanbul, a year after the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals  and nearly a year after the Paris Climate Agreement , the goal of Habitat III is to define a new “Urban Agenda” that will combat poverty and inequality. At the end of the conference, the member states will sign a declaration  that will present the guidelines for their national policies in terms of sustainable urban development over the next 20 years.


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[1] 3D sustainable city simulator was designed by the consortium comprising Veolia (water and waste management), Artelia (transport, urban mobility, water management, air pollution), Siradel (digital services), Architecture Studio (urban planning).