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RobecoSAM Yearbook 2016: Veolia wins the bronze award in the utilities category

Every year RobecoSAM, the asset management firm Robeco’s subsidiary focusing exclusively on socially responsible investment(1) , undertakes an extra-financial evaluation of nearly 1,000(2) companies worldwide. This year Veolia receives a "bronze" in the utilities sector which includes 43 companies.


RobecoSAM key criteria in the utilities sector 

Economic dimension
- Codes of conduct / Compliance / Corruption and Bribery
- Customer relations management
- Water operations

Environmental dimension
- Climate strategy
- Electricity generation
- Operational eco-efficiency

Social dimension
- Human capital development
- Occupational Health and safety
- Stakeholder Engagement


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[1] SRI
[1] In 2015, out of more than 3,000 companies that were invited, 864 companies from 42 different countries participated.