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Singapore International Water Week: Veolia’s solutions for more rapid innovation to address critical water issues

In order to rise to the challenges of water resource management, devising new and more advanced solutions is necessary, but it’s not enough - these innovations also need to be implemented as quickly and widely as possible on behalf of people and industrial companies the world over.

This need to accelerate and deploy innovative solutions was the idea behind TechXchange, a forum held on June 1 as part of Singapore International Water Week 2014 that attracted investors, innovators and major water providers from around the world.

Laurent Auguste, Veolia’s Director of Innovation and Markets, was on hand to explain how the company’s open innovation process, as embodied in the Veolia Innovation Accelerator (VIA), helps bring new solutions to market worldwide by providing start-up firms with unique access to its infrastructure and markets.
Launched in 2010, the VIA reviews some 400 innovative cleantech start-up proposals each year, and has been instrumental in helping Veolia establish successful partnerships in water services with companies like Genesis Water and Geosyntec. Veolia views this collaborative approach as an essential strategy in identifying and integrating the best global innovations, which enables the company deploy more effective alternative solutions that are critical for optimal management of its customers’ water resources.