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Solutions for managing used furniture waste

Eco-Mobilier to choose Veolia for the collection and the recovery of used furniture in 53 French administrative departments

In France Eco-mobilier is a non-profit eco-organization approved by the French Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy Ministry. It organizes collection and recycling services for used furniture. This market represents 1.7 million metric tons of end-of-life furniture throughout France, a tonnage that is equivalent to 170 Eiffel Towers.
Created by furniture distributors and manufacturers, Eco-mobilier works to help the industry successfully pursue its transition toward more environmentally friendly practices through compliance with relevant recycling criteria.
On Behalf of this organization, Veolia will collect and recycle used furniture in 53 administrative departments nationwide.

The materials (wood, metals, plastics and foam) will mainly be separated at the high-performance materials recovery facilities operated by Veolia in Ludres, Rouen and Nice. A part of the materials will be recycled as secondary raw materials, while the rest will be used in the production of refuse-derived fuel or as waste to energy.
By the end of 2015, close to 260,000 metric tons of used furniture waste will be treated and recovered by Veolia, and this amount will eventually rise to 400,000 metric tons.
This success positions Veolia as the benchmark in this new recovery activity, which offers a genuine opportunity for growth in the circular economy.

  • 1.7 million metric tons of end-of-life furniture
  • 40% of this market will be operated by Veolia
  • 53 administrative departments will benefit from the collection and recovery service
  • 260 000 tonnes of used furniture waste to be recovered by the end of 2015