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The Veolia Foundation awards the 2015 Environment Book Prize to Dominique Bourg and Alain Papaux’s Dictionnaire de la pensée écologique

During the annual book fair in Brive (France), Dominique Bourg was presented with the Veolia Foundation’s 2015 Environment Book Prize for the Dictionnaire de la Pensée Écologique, co-authored with Alain Papaux. The award ceremony was attended by Roselyne Bachelot, a former minister and president of the jury.

Under the management of Dominique Bourg and Alain Papaux, 260 authors wrote the 357 articles that make up the Dictionnaire de la Pensée Écologique, published on 23 September by PUF. The dictionary covers all those topics that are essential to understanding the challenges the planet is facing - the biosphere, geopolitics and democracy. It also traces the different currents of ecological thought through its authors and their remarkable literary works.
Offering the public contrasting views about the future of the planet
With the COP 21 drawing closer, the Dictionnaire de la Pensée Écologique aims to impart knowledge and help the public understand the future challenges faced by the planet. It offers different viewpoints on a complex subject, which raises the question of mankind’s place within nature.
The Environment Book Prize for young people is awarded to Fleur Daugey and Sandrine Thommen for Les Oiseaux globe-trotters, published by Actes SUD junior.

The Veolia Foundation’s educational mission
For the last 10 years, the Veolia Foundation has awarded the Environment Book Prize to the best books dedicated to environmental issues. The jury, made up of writers, environmental experts and personalities committed to sustainable development, attaches great importance to the educational purpose. 


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Publication date: 6 November