The Veolia Foundation signs the "Unis-Cité manifesto" for companies committed to young people in civic service

François Hollande, President of the Republic, attended the 20th anniversary celebrations of Unis-Cité, a pioneer French civic service non-profit, during which the Veolia Foundation confirmed its support for the Mediaterre mission.

For the last 20 years, Unis-Cité, which took its inspiration from the American "City Year" association and its "AmeriCorps” civic service program, offers young people aged 16 to 25 the opportunity to spend 8 months on missions in the general interest: environmental actions, support for families and isolated people in working class neighborhoods, etc.
Since 2009, Veolia and its Foundation has been training young volunteers for Unis-Cité’s Mediaterre mission to support families in becoming eco-citizens by reducing, for example, their water and energy bills. This action is funded by the Veolia Foundation.
Unis-Cité in brief:
Since 1995: 12,500 young people involved in civic service through Unis-Cité with 250,000 beneficiaries (elderly people, homeless people, people with disabilities, etc.).
In 2015 nearly 2000 young people were involved in 50 cities in France.
Its three objectives:
- Allow each young person to be and to feel useful and find its place in society;
- Respond to major social and environmental challenges by experimenting missions accessible to all;
- Have a genuine civic impact and create a society of individuals that are supportive and respectful of differences.