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Veolia partners the "100 Resilient Cities" alongside the Rockefeller Foundation

Following the devastation caused by the Hurricanes Katrina in New Orleans and Sandy in New York, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative set up a global action and innovation platform to develop more resilient urban development in 100 cities around the world.

The purpose of this exchange and mutual assistance platform is to help these 100 cities, selected by a panel of independent experts, to better withstand natural disasters and cope with the social, economic and environmental pressures related to their rapid urbanization.
Within this network, which thirty-two cities have already joined, a wide range of stakeholders provide support to these cities to help them build up their resistance to the shocks and stresses of the twenty-first century and reduce their impact by protecting the most vulnerable populations.
Veolia shares its best practices on this platform by providing expertise in managing water supply, sanitation, energy, waste and recycling to promote a more environmentally friendly, economic and social urban development.

Access to the 100 Resilient cities website