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Veolia renews its contract with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, the largest public-private wastewater management partnership in the US

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District extends 10-year contract with Veolia for management of wastewater collection and treatment facilities.


Since 2008 Veolia has treated the wastewater for 28 municipalities in Milwaukee urban area, i.e. for 1.1 million people. The Group manages the MMSD Jones Island and South Shore facilities in compliance with the requirements of the Clean Water Act (America’s federal water pollution law) which means it has regularly received awards from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies .

This public-private wastewater services partnership - the nation’s largest - allows MMSD and Veolia to efficiently manage public infrastructures, maintain high environmental compliance and provide millions in cost savings over the contract term.

“Veolia has continuously exceeded all regulatory and contract standards, MMSD believes extending Veolia’s contract is the best approach for our ratepayers and the environment. We look forward to working with Veolia for years to come”, said MMSD Executive Director Kevin Shafer.

“MMSD is our largest project in North America. Our joint accomplishments illustrate our commitment to delivering cost-effective, safe and environmentally compliant services. Together, we have used innovative technical programs to create value for the community and keep rates affordable for residents“, said Scott Royer, Vice President and General Manager of Veolia’s Milwaukee contract. 


"We are proud that our services have made a difference. We are excited to continue our work as a partner with MMSS”, said William J. DiCroce, CEO for Veolia North America zone.


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> Press release: United States-Wastewater. June 29, 2016.