Veolia renews its support for the Mathematical and Biodiversity Modeling Chair

Veolia renews its support for the Mathematical and Biodiversity Modeling Chair for five years in partnership with the École Polytechnique, the École Polytechnique Foundation and the French National Natural History Museum.

The work of the Chair aims to develop a synergy between applied mathematics and ecology, aroud the theme of biodiversity.

In 2009, Veolia, the École Polytechnique and the French Natural History Museum have created the Chair "Mathematical Modeling and Biodiversity" as part of a public-private research partnership. Its aim is to respond to environmental issues for which a detailed modeling of ecosystem behavior is essential, and with the aim of disseminating scientific knowledge.

On 17 December, Veolia reaffirmed its support to the Chair for five years, at a ceremony which took place at the Gay-Lussac amphitheater in the École Polytechnique in Paris-Saclay (Ile-de-France). On this occasion, the researchers of the Chair also presented their work (see below).

The renewed support of Veolia and the academic partners will allow the Chair to recruit PhD students, host foreign researchers and organize scientific conferences worldwide.

The work presented by the researchers:

  • Sylvie Méléard (Ecole Polytechnique): Phylogenies of a neutral marker and adaptive trait under selection: an eco-evolutionary model 
  • Denis Couvet (National Natural History Museum): “Biodiversity and general ecosystem-based models: prospects ".
  • Sandrine Sourisseau (Veolia) – “Tomorrow’s city: green and connected!
  • Christophe Giraud (Université Paris-Sud): “Capitalizing on opportunistic data for monitoring relative species abundances”.


Date de publication: 18 December 2015