Veolia’s 2017 Social Initiatives Trophies: seven international projects recognized

The Veolia Social Initiative Trophies are awarded to projects with a strong social and societal impact in the following categories: "Occupational Health and Safety", "Developing Skills and Talent", "Social Equity and Diversity", "HR and Operational Performance and Business Development" and "Social Commitment".

Among 340 good practices from 43 countries, the Veolia 2017 Social Initiatives Trophies rewarded 7 projects in 5 categories:

> The "Occupational Health and Safety" award was given to Veolia in Ecuador (Interagua) for the initiative "How do you want to see yourself?"

This original health and safety campaign presents a character called Tomas Aguas, who breaks safety rules. The project entertainingly raises employees' awareness about high-risk behaviour. 98% of them responded positively to this campaign.

> The “Developing Skills and Talent” award recognized 2 initiatives:

  • "Asia and Northern Europe crossover" from the Veolia Campus:

The talent development programs STREAM (Study & Training Expedition for Asian Managers) and NEST (Northern Europe Study & Training) were combined this year. This joint program enabled young managers from different geographical zones to work together.

  • And "SEEG goes into training programs" from Veolia in Gabon (SEEG):

To help renew its teams, Veolia in Gabon relied on the Jean Violas training centre in Libreville and three partners - Académie de Paris, the Veolia Campus and the Gabonese Ministry of Vocational Training. Together they designed a work-study training course for 3 trades: network plumber, network electrician, and customer service representative. In 2016, 600 candidates applied and 48 trainees have joined the course which will be validated by a certified national diploma.

> The “Social Equity and Diversity” award was given to the initiative “Including marginalised people” developed by Veolia in the United Kingdom:

In partnership with Blue Sky - an agency helping ex-prisoners to find work -, the Department of for Work and Pensions, and local colleges, Veolia UK has set up a training system targeting marginalized people. In 2016, 22% of the operatives recruited were considered to be marginalized.

> "HR, Operational Performance and Business Development" award for the initiative “Innovation Map” from Veolia in Italy (Siram):

In Italy, Veolia launched the Innovation Map platform to collect the ideas of its 3,000 employees. 917 of them registered on the platform, 700 followed the online training, and 389 ideas were shared.

> The “Social Commitment” award was given to the Veolia Water business in France for the "Le CentSept" initiative:

Le CentSept is a social entrepreneurship project incubator located at 107 rue de Marseille in Lyon. Veolia is one of the founding partners and founding members. It brings together large companies, local authorities and social entrepreneurs to develop projects reconciling economic development and social utility in relation to the issues facing Metropolitan Lyon. In 2017, it supported six social entrepreneurs - Faciligo, Groupe Icare, Les Petits Plus, Orison, Oz'iris and Voisin Malin whose projects concern people with reduced mobility, or who are isolated or struggling to find work.

> The special "Social Equity and Diversity" award was given to the initiative "A long term structured approach" from Veolia's waste solutions activity in France:

In Veolia's waste solutions business in France, which has 17,000 employees from 82 different nationalities, a "diversity" network meets three times a year to look at topics such as the inclusion of people unlikely to find work, consideration of religious issues in business and keeping people suffering from long-term illness in work.


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