Veolia’s intervention at Convergences World Forum (8th-10th September) in Paris.

Veolia is participating at two conferences and two workshops at the Convergences World Forum taking place in Paris from 8th to 10th September:
  • (Tuesday 9th): Thierry Vandevelde, managing director of the Veolia Foundation, reflects on the fight against cholera that the foundation is undertaking in the Democratic Republic of Congo, at the conference on "The Challenges of co-construction: Examples of successful partnerships "


Resourcing the world
  • (Wednesday 10th): Laurent Auguste, Director Innovation & Markets  at Veolia, spoke on the "Circular and collaborative economies: New economic paradigms?:

    The United Nation’s modest projections suggest that, if current consumption and demographic trends are confirmed, by 2050 we will need the ressources of two planets to meet our needs. Addressing the state of affairs caused by the “extraction-manufacturing-mass consumption-waste” cycle will require the development of new production and consumption models such as the circular and collaborative economy. Eco-designing, developing short circuits, turning waste into resources, integrating users and consumers as links in the chain—these are the principles behind alternatives models which will be discussed by this panel of diverse actors who are involved in making our society more sustainable and responsible.