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Veolia, sponsor of the biggest world sailing event

Kieler Woche, or Kiel Week, starts on 21st June in the capital of the German province of Schlewwig-Holstein. The flagship event of international sailing, this international nautical occasion is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the fight against marine pollution.

The 132nd Kieler Woche, the biggest world sailing event, will take place from 21st to 29th June in Kiel, in the north of Germany. It is being supported by Veolia for the fourth consecutive year, and 5000 skippers and 2000 sailors representing 50 countries are expected.

The group is one of the four main sponsors of Kieler Woche, and so a Veolia pavilion will be erected in the sailing village. It will provide a meeting point for client events, skippers and staff, as well as providing a place for presenting the group’s films, and information on the pollution of the seas.

For this occasion, Veolia is also partnering  the German association for the protection of the environment, NABU, in an artistic project devoted to the fight against the pollution of the seas. This project will be launched officially in the Veolia pavilion on 21st June: notably, the artist Sandra Wiesthal will start to create a boat made out of waste materials in a separate tent.

Of course, the group is taking an active part in the regattas with the sailing boat Veolia XP 38, which has already won the title of vice-champion of Kieler Woche. They are also sponsoring the “Skipper of the Year” Philipp Buhl, bronze medal winner in the 2013 Laser world championships.

Through this sponsorship, Veolia is working to raise awareness among the general public of the need to preserve the oceans and the shoreline; a way for the group to promote progress from a culture of merely consuming resources to a culture of using and increasing appreciation of resources.


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