Veolia Water in France business reveals its ambitious corporate project: « Osons 20/20 ! »

Frédéric Van Heems, the CEO of Veolia Water France, yesterday presented his corporate project, called « Osons 20/20 ! ». The result of several months working closely with employees and local authorities, the project claims a strong ambition: to ensure that Veolia is the leader and THE benchmark for future water and wastewater services in France.

In a market undergoing profound changes, Veolia Water in France business wants to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality water and wastewater service and that it meets the challenges of human ecology and territories development.
The new corporate project « Osons 20/20 ! » sets out five strategic objectives:
  • to enter into a business revival through being more agile, competitive and innovative, and listening more attentively to clients
  • to simplify, modernize, innovate, digitize “at every stage”, in order to gain in efficiency, rapidity and quality
  • to think and act “glocal” by strengthening roots in areas all over France while at the same time taking full advantage of the Group’s strengths
  • to work better together, offering new perspectives to a maximum number of employees, enabling them to learn new skills by fostering initiative, modernizing relationships within the company and becoming exemplary in all areas, especially safety
  • to generate €3b in revenue in 2020 and double operational profit

A new organization based on 67 area bases to better serve our client

In order to meet those objectives, Veolia Water in France business is setting up a new organization. 67 area bases are created to better serve the operational staff and facilitate the contact with clients and consumers.

“The complete water cycle is at the heart of the major issues of the 21st century: climate change, humanized globalization, digital transformation. These are marvelous opportunities to modernize our business. The concept of ‘delegating the service to a private operator’ has to be adjusted. Local government authorities want ever more transparency, close collaboration, involvement of elected officials in water management, more efficiency, quality, innovation (especially digital), and the inclusion of all residents, especially the most vulnerable. We have to invent a new relationship between the public and private sectors. It’s up to us to put forward new solutions, thanks to our talent and energy, (…) to give access to high-quality water and wastewater service to all and make a return to sustainable growth,” said Frédéric Van Heems, CEO of Veolia Water France.

Please note that Veolia Water in France business employs 12,400 people who work daily to serve 23 million consumers and 400 businesses.


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Press release: Water in France – Aubervilliers, May 30, 2017