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The nuclear operator Magnox selects Veolia to treat effluent at four of its nuclear sites in the United Kingdom

The British nuclear power plant operator Magnox Limited has selected Veolia Nuclear Solutions to design and build treatment units that will remove the radioactive waste present in the effluent and ponds on four of its sites.


On the nuclear sites being dismantled in Chapelcross, Hinkley Point A, Oldbury and Dungeness A, Veolia’s treatment units will use the most innovative water treatment technologies to remove the radioactive substances present in the polluted water, before being discharged to the sea. These units, the first deliveries of which are scheduled for 2018, will be similar to those installed by the Group in Fukushima Daiichi.

This project is of strategic importance to Magnox, our agreement with Veolia emphasizes our desire to draw on worldwide nuclear learning, and utilize innovative delivery solutions which provide best value,” said Allen Neiling, Magnox Ponds Program Manager.

“This agreement underscores Veolia Nuclear Solutions’ ability to provide an innovative and comprehensive range of technologies, expertise and best-in-class operational capabilities to clients around the world. By bringing to bear the technology and operational know-how from Fukushima, one of the most significant environmental challenges in recent memory, we support Magnox and allow for treated water to be discharged under industry best practices," added William Gallo, CEO of Nuclear Solutions. 

The results obtained in Fukushima

In the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster in 2011, the technology used by Veolia made it possible to remove 99.9% of the radioactivity present in the contaminated water. This depollution represented 70% of the radioactivity removed at the site. In 2014 a Veolia mobile unit again extracted 99.95% of the radioactivity present in 400,000 m3 of polluted water stored in tanks.  


Nuclear Solutions de Veolia
Veolia brings together all its activities in nuclear clean-up field in a new entity: Nuclear Solutions.
Press release: Nuclear Solutions - Paris (France) - Palo Alto (USA), March 6, 2017